Experimental, &

Applied Behavior Analysis 



Who are we?

We are a group of faculty and undergraduate and graduate students located at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) who are passionate about research, helping others, and making the world a better place. 

We believe strongly in evidence-based practice, data-based decisions, and the ideas and methodology within the philosophy of radical behaviorism and the field of behavior analysis.

What is Radical Behaviorism and Behavior Analysis?

Radical Behaviorism is a philosophy (set of beliefs) about what a science of behavior (both human and nonhuman) should focus on and the procedures and methodology useful for studying behavior. Behavior Analysis is the science of learning and behavior and integrates the philosophy of radical behaviorism with modern scientific methodology

Behavior Analysts (individuals who engages in the science of behavior analysis) focus on organism-environment interactions to understand each individuals' behavior and its function. To study organism-environment interactions and guide clinical practice, behavior analysts adopt a deterministic perspective and commonly utilize single-subject methodology.

Behavior analysts study learning in animal and human laboratories, as well as in naturalistic settings. The application of learning concepts and principles to address socially important issues like substance abuse, rehabilitation, positive class room management, and skill acquisition is called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Because ABA practitioners focus on organism-environment interactions, and because these interactions can be unique for each individual, ABA practitioners design highly individualized interventions for each client. ABA interventions always utilize evidence-based practices and those practices are always guided and evaluated by each clients' data.

Whom do Behavior Analysts Serve?

Behavior Analysts make meaningful differences in their communities by:

What the TEABA Lab is doing! 

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