About TEABA Lab



The TEABA lab was formed in 2021 when two faulty and several graduate and undergraduate students began to meet weekly to read published research, discuss ongoing research, and share ideas. The lab continues to grow and meet weekly to advance their understanding of learning and behavior. Below you'll find the faculty and students who are currently involved in the TEABA Lab. You'll also find brief statements regarding their research interests. 

 Faculty Members

Dr. Annie Galizio


PhD: Utah State University (2020)

BS: College of Charleston (2014)

Research Interests:

Behavioral Variability and Stereotypy

Delay Discounting

Transitional Behavior Analysis

Dr. Jay Hinnenkamp


PhD: Utah State University (2020)

MS: University of North Texas (2013)

BS: University of Minnesota, Morris (2005)

Research Interests:

Conditioned Reinforcement

Quantitative Models of Choice and Learning

Social Behavior

Graduate Student Members

Jordan Feild

Research Interests: Social Behavior and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Krish Patel

Research Interests: Social Behavior and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Former Graduate Student Members

Former Graduate Students:

Mark Rust: Clinical Psychology PhD Student at the University of Arkansas

Alex Dunthorn: ABA Clinician 

Undergraduate Student Members

Tristan Mitchell

Research Interests: Behavioral variability in rats

Jubal Neal

Research Interests: Choice behavior in rats

Justin Yule

Research Interests: Social behavior in rats

Former Undergraduate Student Members

Former Undergraduate Students:

Zach Clark

Paula Collette

Leilani De Ruvo

Emma Kassebaum

Jordan Latham

Kaitlyn Thornsbury

Jonathan White